GMG Import & Export GmbH
Auto und Truck Parts, construction site machines and electrical equipment


Your wholesale and retail trade for new and used auto and truck parts, construction site machines and electrical equipment. 

We offer our customers to combine container loading of Front Cuts, Rear Cuts, Roof Cuts, Nose Cuts, Body Shells, Engines, Transmissions, Small Parts, Interior Parts, Body Parts, Suspensions, Drivetrain, Wheels, Tyres and other dismantled parts from Germany. Mini Trucks, Construction Site Machines, electrical equipment and other stock can also be shipped in Parts Containers. For further information visit please our Parts page.

Our family company has been in the Auto Parts Business for over 40 years. So you can count on us for good service! We continually focus on meeting customer needs through our extensive selection of quality auto parts and machines at competitive pricing.

Our company prides itself on its professionals who have worked in all avenues of the automotive industry and can lead you to the right decision for your purchase.

We focus on building relationships with our customers and continue to expand our horizons with our customer base worldwide. Do not hesitate to contact us! Please call Mr. G. Wazir. Telephone number: + 49-5331-3525628

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm
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